|| Safe Deal

Harassment in buying and selling is no more!!! We are the first to bring Safe Deal feature to Bangladesh.

Many of us face harassment at various times while buying and selling online. In order to solve this problem, we have added Safe Deal feature to our service. By using it, you can easily purchase the products of your choice through us without any hassle.

Use of Safe Deal:

Now let's see how to use it. Liked any product on our website but you want to buy in trusted way?,then you will see safe deal option next to it.Click on it.Click on submit with your name location contact info.

Safe Deal Services:

Now let's see how we will send the product to you safely. After you click on submit, the data will come to us. We will call you to confirm whether you are willing to buy the safe deal or not. Then we will call the seller and send his product to you. Pay only if you like. This feature of ours will create a stir in the e-commerce sector. Aponhut is working to eliminate corrupt practices like customer harassment. Our aim is to serve you safely.

So why delay, visit Aponhut.com to check the Safe Deal feature and buy the product today.