|| Stay Safe

At the AponHut platform we are committed to keeping your information as secure as possible.
Here are some safety tips on how to stay safe when buying and selling on AponHut.

Safety advice
In case of sale and purchase of local products:
Meet the seller directly and check your item before making payment. Use doorstep delivery where applicable. You understand your item with security.
Payment after receiving the product:
Buyers: Don't pay before you receive an item.
Sellers: Deliver the right product and understand your exact price.
In case of exchange of financial information:
 This includes bank account details, PayPal information and any other information that could be misused.
In case of buying and selling the right product:
Be aware of lower prices than usual and the promise of quick payments when purchasing products.

Beware of scams and fraud
From Fake Payment Service:-
AponHut does not offer any payment schemes or protections. If you receive any emails claiming to offer this type of service, report it to us. Avoid using online payment services or escrow sites unless you are 100% sure of its authenticity.
Request for Fake Fee:-
Avoid anyone who asks you for an extra fee to buy or sell an item or service. AponHut will never ask you to pay for its basic services. AponHut does not allow items that are not located in Bangladesh.
 In case of fake information:-
AponHut will never send emails requesting your personal information. If you receive an email to provide us with your personal information, do not open any link. Please report the email and delete it.
In case of using money transfer service:-
Money transfer services are not for transactions between strangers and many spam runs through them. AponHut will never ask you for money transfer. Avoid requests to use these services.

Security provided by AponHut
You can hide your phone number and even then interested buyers will be able to communicate with you through chat.
The criminals are blocked:-
We track reports of suspicious or illegal activity so that criminals can no longer use our site.
Continuous improvement:-
We constantly update our technology to detect and prevent suspicious or inconsistent activity.
Victims of scams?
If you think you have been the victim of a scam or fraud, please let us know about your situation immediately. If you have been deceived, we suggest you contact your local police department.
Information Share:-
We are committed to you for the privacy of AponHut users and do not share user information publicly. We attach the utmost importance to security issues and will co-operate with law enforcement as much as possible when requested for scams or other criminal activity.

For any information
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