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  • Privacy Policy

    Aponhut.com - Collecting, using and sharing the personal information of advertisers on our website is very important for Aponhut.com to securely buy and sell and provide effective services to advertisers.

    Data collection

    Advertiser information is available to the public at Aponhut.com. If the advertiser wishes to provide personal information to us, that information is transferred and stored on our servers.

    We collect and store the following personal information of the advertiser:

    Advertiser's name, address, email address, mobile number, financial information for special needs (depending on service usage) and computer sign-in information.

    Also statistics of page visits, visitors to and from Aponhut.com and ad response statistics.

    Some other information is collected, including the user's IP address and standard web log information.

    Use of information

    We collect user personal information for the following reasons: 

    • To provide us with different types of services
    • For resolving any disputes, collecting fees, and resolving unwanted issues
    • To encourage safe buying and selling and to enforce our policies
    • To customize the user experience, to measure our interest in the service
    • To improve our services and inform users about services and updates
    • To contact you about marketing and promotional offers of your choice 

    Disclosure of information

    We do not sell or lease user personal information to any third party for marketing purposes without explicit permission from the user. We may disclose or disclose personal information for legal purposes, in the interests of enforcing our policies, or in response to any advertising or content claims that infringe the rights of others, or to ensure the protection of the rights, property and safety of everyone.

    Contact us or E-mail

    You agree to receive any marketing-related messages about consumer products and services from our third-party advertising partners, unless you tell us otherwise. If you do not wish to receive marketing messages from us, you can indicate your preferred subject by following the instructions provided with the contact.

    You may not use our site or the method of communication in order to collect addresses, send spam or otherwise violate our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy. We may automatically scan and manually filter sent emails using our communication methods to test for prohibited activity or prohibited topics.

    If you use our methods to send something to a friend, we do not permanently store your friend's address or use or disclose them for marketing purposes. To report any spam from other users, please contact our customer support.

    Information security

    We use many methods to protect your personal information from any unauthorized access or disclosure (such as encryption, passwords, infrastructural security).
    We keep all personal electronic information confidential except the information you wish to disclose. If you violate the laws of your country of residence or the terms of use of the Services, you lose the right to privacy on your personal information.

    Customer service cancellation

    You can change or delete your personal information from our database at any time if you wish. In that case, please contact [email protected]. In addition, you can cancel your customer service at any time by clicking the un-subscribe link below the email we sent.